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Glider Kit Savings Calculator

New glider kits may cost more than a standard production truck, but here you can see that in most applications the benefits and residual savings will repay you in a matter of months!

Forms are prefilled with typical data but you can change them to be relevant to your business:

New Glider Kit Costs:   New Emission Truck Costs:
    (With DPF & UREA)  
Miles driven / year:    Miles driven / year: 
Glider MPG:    New Truck MPG: 
Gallons Used:   Gallons Used:
Diesel Fuel Price / Gallon:    Diesel Fuel Price / Gallon: 
Yearly Fuel Costs:   Yearly Fuel Costs:
Annual Maintenance Cost:    Annual Maintenance Cost: 
       (Including Particulate Filter & DEF Fluid)
Years of Planned Service:       

Yearly Maintenance Savings:  
Yearly Fuel Savings:  
Gallons of Fuel Saved:  
Total Yearly Glider Savings:  
Total Savings Over Lifetime of Ownership:  
(Lifetime savings reflects the years of planned service entered in the box above.)
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* These savings do not include the downtime and loss of services due to new engine emission problems.

(Most customers running current emission trucks report 3-4 days per month downtime.)